Be the first, overcome new challenges!



At LandPro Costa Rica we are proud to be the official sales force for the new residential development Brisas de la Sabana in Nicoya, Guanacaste.

It is exciting to be part of a pioneer project, bringing a new concept (condominium developments) to Nicoya. We are happy to offer a alternative option to the people of Nicoya and close by areas, to live in a beautiful, calm and safe community, that offers unique amenities and perks such as swimming pool, tennis courts, endless hiking trails and more.

Brisas de la Sabana                     Model Home

 When you are the first on anything, there are always new challenges and experiences to face, overcome and defeat. The approach to the traditional way of life and traditions of a region, to change a point of view on their everyday living, needs a thorough understanding of the culture, of the people and traditions. You need patience, you need to gain their trust and you need to demonstrate the advantages of your product or offer. You need to get close, one time and one more and not be discouraged.

 We know the trail, we just need the strength to walk all the way through it.